Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our main focus is on quality more than anything else. I simply could NOT provide a service that I myself would not be proud of. Quality combined with over 20 years experience, the most powerful multiple step restorative cleaning method and equipment available, and very effective cleaning products enable us to provide a service that is unequal to others. That’s how we can say, “Guaranteed to be the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or It’s Free!"

Deep Restorative Cleaning

We specialize in an unparalleled and advanced multiple step restorative cleaning process which far surpasses other methods typically used in the industry.

Specialty Spot & Stain Removal

We are able to remove a wide variety of spots and stains with the process we use. However, for stains that aren’t removed through our regular process, we apply additional stain removal techniques to these areas.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

We can remove a variety of odors and stains associated with pets and the like. Dynamic Carpet Cleaning and Restoration offers treatments that can vary depending on the severity and the desires of the customer.

Fabric Protection

We recommend a carpet and fabric protector for your carpets and furniture. Protection — when it is properly applied after the items have been freshly cleaned — will reduce overall soiling and help prevent staining. It will also aid with maintenance vacuuming and help with future cleanings.

Square Footage Estimating

Our Carpet Cleaning service is estimated by the size of the carpeted area to be cleaned or commonly known as square footage. We'll measure the areas you'd like cleaned then provide an accurate, free estimate (without obligation) based on that area. As for upholstery cleaning, an estimate will be based on the size of the item, number of cushions/pillows and type of fabric rather than square footage.

Before & After Results

Below is a visual example of what you can expect.

In the first photo, our customer's carpet had average overall soiling. Although it had not been cleaned in a while, the carpet didn’t appear to be heavily soiled. However, the amount of soiling became apparent after we started cleaning the carpet.




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